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    Flash Web Site Design

    Flash animation is a great way to spice up your company's website. Flash allows for animations -- essentially short movies -- to be integrated into various pages of a website. We frequently recommend that flash animation be incorporated into key gateway pages in order to make your firm's products and services appear more attractive and dynamic on your company's website. Flash animation is frequently incorporated within the homepage and, occasionally, as an illustration tool to describe more complex content.

  • At Salt Lake City Web Design, we prefer not to create our client's websites exclusively with Flash because this has significant negative effects on how the site will perform in the search engine rankings. Instead, we prefer to code your company's website using an HTML framework and then incorporate a flash inlay (essentially a rectangular movie) into the body of the page(s). This allows the web pages to appear animated while preserving the search engine benefit of HTML text and content.
  • The reason that HTML pages perform better in the search engine results is that search engine robots have trouble reading (or "indexing") content that is contained within Flash animation or images. The human eye can see and interpret the words, but the computers used by search engines to crawl the web just see an "animation" or a "picture". They don't know what it means and as a result have trouble indexing and ranking purely Flash websites.
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